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Useful information

  • Every passenger has to sign an information and waiver form before the trip.​​


  • We take no responsibility for damaged or lost belongings (cellphones, cameras, clothes, glasses, etc)

  • Show up at least 15 minutes before the trip is scheduled to start.

  • You will be given a flotation suit with built-in hood and life vest. You can also borrow gloves and glasses. You should bring a warm hat if it is windy or the weather is cold. Remember good shoes, no high heels.

  • Guiding will be given if desired.

  • All our pilots are experienced and satisfies all rules and regulations which are given at all times. The pilot will perform a short security brief before the trip starts. 

  • The pilot has the ultimate responsibility and authority on board. If the pilot consider the conditions (weather, waves, other issues) to be at any hazard for the passenger, crew or vessel, he has the authority to cancel the trip - both beforehand and underway.

  • Children below the age of 14, is to be followed by an adult (one adult pr. child).

  • Dress up in practical clothing and shoes. You can use the glasses provided, or you can bring your own. Remember; no high heels.

  • Remember cellphone / camera if you want to capture the moment. We'll never know when we'll find ourself in a whale safari!

  • We can bring luggage. Just remember to let us know so that we can do the necessary preparations. In addition, you can bring smaller bags and purses under each seat.


  • People clearly under the influence will be denied - no discussion. This is due to both your own and others security.


  • Payment is done by cash or Vipps. Paypal can be arranged. We also take debit- and credit cards at the office in Måløyhopen.

Read the FAQ for more information.

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