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Can I take pictures under way?

Of course! Just remember that Storm@Stad have no responsibility for personal belongings, and are used solely on your own responsibility.
Give a heads up to the pilot, and the pilot will adjust speed and course.

If you put your pictures on Instagram, we would love it if you tag #stormatstad and/or @stormatstad

I'm pregnant. Can I come?

The easy answer is no. But if the trip is more of the calm kind, we will consider this from trip to trip - and how far you are along.

If the weather is bad, we have to decline.

I have back and/or neck issues. Can I come?

Primarily it is up to you to determine how bad your issues are. You are the one to concider to come along on calm trips, but we expect you to inform us about the issues. 


If the weather is bad, we strongly discourage coming along.

It seems scary. Am I safe?

Safety is alway our main priority. Nevertheless there will always be a certain amount of risk with these kind of activities. That being said, you can always count on us providing the best possible experience and safety for our passengers. All of our pilots have been through thorough training and education demanded by the at all times current laws and rules.


We urge you to give notice if you feel any discomfort, frightening experiences and so on. Rise a hand, and the pilot will stop as soon as possible and make contact with you. We will always adjust to make the trip as best as possible for everyone. We may move you further back in the boat as this will make the experienced movements more calm. 

Often we experience the most nervous beforehand is the most satisfied and eager when we come back.

I am below 18 years old. Can I come?

Yes, you can! Please let your next of kin/parents know beforehand.

If you are below 14 years of age, you have to bring an adult (one adult pr. person below 14).

Which clothing should I put on?

Mostly, normal practical clothing will do. If the weather is cold, you can consider putting on some wool clothing as well. We will provide a suit with built in life west before the trip. If the weather is bad, it could be wise bringing an extra set of clothes just in case, as we cannot guarantee that you'll be 100% dry when we are finished with the trip.

Our suits is sized from S trough XXL.

Do I need to bring my own life west?

No. A life west is already fitted in the suit you will use for the trip. If you bring kids which have to use our suits for children, they need their own west with a minimum buoyancy of 100 N.

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