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Some of our trips and destinations

Inspiration and ideas for your trip

The monastery of Selje

Come with us for a trip to the mythical Monastery of Selja. Here you will find the ruins left after a Benedictine monastery where the tale tells about St. Sunniva who escaped from a heathen suitor. She left Ireland together with her clan in a a boat without oars and sails, and finally drifted over to the island of Selja. 

Several royals have been visiting this island for over a thousand years. Will you be the next?

Read the tale and other facts here:


Ocean rafting

One of our closest neighbour is the treacherous Stad ocean. Join us for an exciting action trip in the waves. We can't promise big waves and big jumps every time, but we will do our best to give you a trip you'll never forget!

Gamla - The old lady

Gamla is a light buoy that are situated at the Stad Ocean. If the weather and waves are good, you can climb on board the buoy and take a cool selfie - if you dare!

The trips to Gamla is often combined with the trips around Vågsøy, to Stad and other close-by destinations.


On a little islet in the southern harbour on Silda island, 10-15 minutes north of Måløy, you will find Skjærbuda.  This building is over 150 years old which where used by fishermen several years ago. Now this is a pub/restaurant which are a popular destination in the summer season. 

Around the island of Vågsøy

One of our most popular choices. On this trip, we will be visiting Refvika beach, awarded to the prettiest beach in Norway several times. We will also go by some of the mightiest lighthouses in Norway. Further on we'll visit the biggest bird cliff in southern Norways, Einevarden. Here you can get to see sea eagles, puffins, guillemots, and several other species. 


Vetvika is placed on the outermost part of Bremanger, and is a hidden gem. Here you will find an exotic beach which only is accessible by foot, boat or from the air. The white sand, lack of cell reception and beautiful nature really lets you relax and forget the world for a while. 

Solheim fish boat rental

Do you fancy fishing? Contact us, and we will help you out!

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